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We are the technology enabler in the industry, creating user centric, test-driven, fast AI products. Our team are fanatic about developing game changing innovation in order to better not only our own products, but the industry as a whole.


Thermal-AI is an Artificial Intelligence of Things or AIoT that provides
efficient face detection video analytic and thermal sensing of the crowd of
people. It has been designed for rapid health monitoring, that detect people
with early symptom of COVID-19.


Face Detection

Detect and track face of people in the crowd with reliable AI in mobile device. High accuracy and low computational cost.


All-Lightweight Case

Thermal-AI comes with a more lightweight enclosure with recent computing power that easily wear while monitoring busy area.


Built-in Sensor Stack

The most extensive sensor stack is available on Thermal-AI. Together with cutting edge thermal camera also provide high precision contactless body measure temperature while keeping safe distance.


Cloud Connected

Monitor dispatch unit remotely. Using the dedicated cloud platform, capture and analyse crowd data anywhere in the world. Manage your application remotely and get updated data at any time.

Portable Temperature
Measurement with AI

Body Temperature Radiometric with High Accuracy

Pointry - AI Point Cloud

Bring to next level 3D object detection and auto-size measurement


Smart Object Recognition and Labeling

By using our innovative AI approaches, points that belong in the same class will auto-label with high accuracy.


Auto-Measure the Objects Size

Pointry state-of-the-art look-up table engines that are capable of displaying point clouds with auto-calculate the size of detected objects.


Process large point cloud data

No installation is required – simply sign up and benefit from the power of cloud storage and computing.


Leverage the power of the cloud

Manage all your digital 3D assets in one place

How Pointry SaS works

Manage and structure point clouds the easy way


Upload and manage the point cloud

All you have to do is simply upload your point cloud as a .las or .laz file.


AI-assisted annotation

Pointry’s intelligent object recognition and selection tools let you mark, crop or extend any segment with minimal effort.


Export and analyze your point cloud

Your individually structured point cloud is now ready for export and further processing.


Pointry will launch Q3 2020.
Do you want to receive updates & the launch info directly to your inbox?

AIoT Kraf+

Kraf+ is designed to ensure IoT (LoRA) & AI Deep Learning module can work together.
Your platform must compatible to RTMP for video streaming.

Video Analytic Module

Supported up to 30 FPS with easy installation of Tensorflow and Caffe Framework. The model on visual analytic can be customized based on user need and application.

GPS Module

Supported by Emlid Reach M+ and LORA. Centimeter-level accuracy with Real Time Kinematics.


Plug and Play IoT Sensor

With Plug n Play feature, any sensors can be mounted on your platform i.e. temperature, humidity and water salinity.


Real time update from workstation to web portal. Data logging and data analytic services ready-on portal for asset management.  



Upload your short video and image and analyze it using our artificial intelligence and analytics.



On-premise solution that offers a wide variety of analytics functionalities through an edge, easy to use platform.

Kraf+ Data's Role in the AI Workflow

Create your datasets for computer vision models with our fully managed solution.


Raw data is sourced

Create a training set

Your AI model is ready

Production data is sent to the model

High prediction results are returned to the final solution 

Low prediction results are re-trained using the updated dataset

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